My boys are awesome

Seriously. They are so cool and terribly hilarious. Sure, we have our moments, but I expect that bragging about them on the internet makes up for at least one of the afternoons that I have spent yelling, right?


Evan has had a language explosion since the week of Christmas and he just gets funnier with each word. We are really enjoying discovering his personality and I’m becoming more and more certain every day that he is a miniature Mike. Scary, I know.

Tonight at bedtime, both kids were clearly exhausted, so we only read three little books. Evan dove out of my arms and into his crib (one stuffed Stitch under each arm) and then demanded a book. He snuggled himself into the corner of his crib with his dinosaur book and started “reading” it to me and was super mad when I turned his light off on him.

As I walked past Nathan’s door and said good night, he stopped me to ask a stalling question. This is where I usually get a request for a different stuffed animal than the 10 who are already in bed with him or a book even though it is too dark to read. I told him he could have one question and then I was leaving. There was a very long pause while he thought, and then he said, “Penguins can’t fly. um. because. well. They can only fly in the water.”

I love my awesomely cool little nerds.

Baby gamers

Baby gamers

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Belated Nathan Videos

I have had these videos for a while. I’ve been meaning to post them for a while. I really need to learn how to do all of this with an iPad. Oh well. Better months after the fact than never, right? How will I tease him when he’s all grown up if these videos aren’t conveniently stored on the internet for everyone to see?

This first one is a Halloween “concert” organized by Nathan’s cello instructor. The kids and their parents get together in the lesson room and each kid plays a song. Nathan is the youngest by about 5 years, but many of the kids in the room have been taught by this instructor since they were just about Nathan’s age. The part that you don’t see in this video is that he sat and watched and listened for about 30 minutes before it was his turn. No jumping around, no whining, just sitting and listening. His instructor tries to play with him and I don’t think Nathan knew what to do with that, but here he is playing the first bit of Twinkle, Twinkle and then plucking Hot Cross Buns. I’m pretty sure I was more nervous than he was.

This next video is from church. The kids were supposed to sing the chorus of the song with the choir and do a little dance. Nathan had other ideas.

He knew the song. I swear to you, the minute we walked in the door at home after church he asked me to sing it with him and he knew all the words. I was so sure this was going to happen at the cello concert, which was only 3 days after the non-singing or dancing at church. He showed me.

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Mike taught Evan to be a zombie.

I know, the only people surprised by that haven’t met Mike. But still. Nathan wasn’t so quick to pick up on the fun of that particular game. Evan barely says any words at all and hasn’t been very babble-y either, but he has always been a noise imitator. Car noises, train chugging, dinosaur roaring. He’s the cutest roar-er of them all.

Last night I got home and Evan crawled in my lap, gave me a hug, sat back and grinned at me. Then he leaned forward towards my chin, said “nom nom nom” and then sat back and made some very convincing chomping noises. With an adorable ROAR he started all over again and the collapsed in my lap giggling.

It only took Mike an hour to turn my sweet baby into a flesh eating zombie. And now he won’t snuggle with me because he thinks the zombie thing is just SO FUNNY.

It kind of is.

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It’s alive!!!

I got a video camera thingy for Christmas and I’ve been filling it up with cute videos, but I’ve been too lazy to put them on the computer. =) I finally did it! And I even figured out how to get them on YouTube (private) and then embed them here… though I did not figure out how to make them fit nicely on the blog front page. Oops.

At the end of this one you will see a glimpse of why I breathed a sigh of relief when Mike sent Lindy off to Hunting Dog Boot Camp for the summer.

That is the only video I took on our summer vacation. I think it’s pretty hilarious.

And here is why I guess I will be ready for Lindy to be home at the end of the month.


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So I’m all updated to the newest WordPress and something called a PHP is brand-spanking new and my database has been updated so I guess that means I should be posting again… now I have to figure out how to get pictures from my camera to this site now that my access to iPhoto has been eliminated… I’m sure there is a way, but right now I hear two little boys screeching and if I want Mike to keep cooking dinner I’d better go figure out what the little monsters are up to. I’m back!
sort of.

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