so I hear…

It is National Delurking Week! I’m not sure who decides such things, but who am I to argue with random holidays? =)

Delurking pic
Do it!

In other news, I “babysat” tonight. I am not entirely sure that it really counts as babysitting, though, since his dad never left our house (it’s DnD night and Mike is this week’s host) and Isaac was really only awake for about 40 minutes. Just long enough to check out the fish tank, chase the dog around the couch twice, read the Bellybutton Book about 4 times (how can you say no to a kid that asks for more in sign language? especially when he is asking for more READING! though, I must admit that by halfway through the second time I was making up a story about about promiscuous hippos at the beach flaunting their bellybuttons for all the world to see. Don’t worry, there was a moral to the story: Don’t be promiscuous! I’m not sure that he really understood the implications of showing all the world your bellybutton at the beach. Well, I guess there’s time to learn that.), take our shoes and socks off and then put them back on again twice, read the other book about dinosaurs (ok, so there really wasn’t any reading involved in that one since there were lots of words and someone was turning the pages too fast), chase the dog around the couch again and then get snortled by said dog just before heading upstairs for bedtime. All in all, I would say it was a successful 40 minutes.

I know I haven’t been posting often, but maybe if you leave a comment, I’ll know that someone out there wants to hear about my happy little life and I’ll write more often. =) Probably not, but you should comment anyway. I like comments; they make me feel popular.

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4 Responses to so I hear…

  1. Tony says:

    Yay for de-lurking! Oh, and thanks for babysitting. Isaac enjoyed his 40 minutes with you. He told me so.


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  3. Carol says:

    That sounds like a pretty accurate description of most of my days. I blame Tony for teaching him how to turn pages in books. Thanks for babysitting and keeping up a cool blog!

  4. bkail says:

    You might get more (de)lurkers if you offered cookies. Anyway, I found out why I hadn’t read your blog in over a month: holidays happened, I went to Iowa, and I was away from my computer with its bookmarks for a Long Time. Keep posting.

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