Good book, BAD movie

Don’t waste money going to see Eragon. Maybe it’s worth renting. maybe.

If you have read the book, then you really should not see the movie (unless you like to see good books ruined). They managed to eliminate everything that I loved in the book, leaving a sad, sad shell of a story. They took out all character development, all of the back story was squished into a 2 minute voice over, and the main character was turned into a whiny, arrogant jerk (Mike says he’s that way in the book, too, but I kind of liked Eragon in the book. not so much in the movie). I understand that the book needed some changing in order to turn it into a movie (it’s a 500-ish page book, so, well, something would have to be cut), but they really butchered it.

I love stories about dragons, especially the kind that people ride and can talk to with ESP, and it is sad that such a good book was turned into such a bad movie.

now I’m off to read the rest of the second book of the trilogy… anyone know when there will be a third?

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