Dr. Robotnik

Since the poor, sad cat still hasn’t found a home, and his rescuers were getting tired of referring to him as “the cat”, they named him. Dr. Robotnik is his name. Doc for short. I think it suits him. He has also been to see the vet. He has received his vaccinations and will soon be rid of his worms. And he’s super friendly! Don’t you want a cat??? We tried to take some pictures of him, but he didn’t want to sit in my lap, he really wanted to visit with the other people in his bathroom, and I didn’t want to get cat hair on my sweater since Doc makes my eyes itchy, so keep that in mind as you scroll down to see his cuteness.



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One Response to Dr. Robotnik

  1. Leah says:

    He looks pretty cute. If I was allowed pets in my apartment I would have you put a stamp on his head and stick him in the mailbox to send to me in Rapid City. unfortunately i would get evicted if they found I had a pet, and I have a feeling the US Postal Service has some sort of regulations about mailing live animals.

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