Do you know anyone who needs a cat? Or do you know anyone that knows anyone that needs a cat? My friends found a cat who needs a home. Please help the poor, nameless cat find a home. They called a couple of shelters in the area and there is a 20-cat waiting list before they could even drop him off at the shelter. So sad.

He is a lovely grey tiger-striped cat (mediumly longish fur). He is super friendly (he didn’t stop purring the whole time I was there visiting yesterday), appears to be litter-box trained (no accidents so far), allowed himself to be bathed in the bathtub and have his nails trimmed (no one was maimed or even scratched in the process. amazing, isn’t it?), and even seems to get along well with dogs (he decided Zelda looked like a good rubbing post and kept trying to rub his head on her chin while she was sniffing his ears). He is going to the vet tomorrow for a checkup and ear cleaning. He will need to be neutered at some point.

Anyway. Help the cat find a home. Spread the word. or bring him home yourself. I’ll post pictures soon.

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2 Responses to Cat

  1. Tony says:

    I would be willing to trade my dog for another cat…

  2. Kim says:

    An interesting proposition… I have a feeling they won’t go for that trade, but I will pass the message along. =)

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