It’s my middle name. Especially around Christmastime. Last Sunday I was shoved kicking and screaming into present-shopping (ok, actually, I had a lovely time at The Giant Mall with a couple of friends and I even managed to get some shopping done), but gosh darn it, do you think I have even started to get my house ready for my family’s impending visit? heck no! Here’s some of the list of other things that I also haven’t started:

1. Putting together and using the fancy new carpet cleaning machine that Mom and Dad bought for us for our 3rd anniversary.

2. Trying on my wedding dress, as is traditional at anniversary time (I’m nearly a month behind on this one).

3. Knitting something adorably adorable for my niece or nephew (oh, I didn’t tell you that I am going to be an aunt? well, make that number 4)

4. Write a blog post about how in March, Mike and I will be Uncle and Aunt to a tiny new person! Hooray for my brother and sister-in-law! (I demand a girl-baby!) =)

5. Clean out that 2nd-extra bedroom so that I can put an air mattress on the floor for Mike and I to sleep on when my family arrives in two weeks. (Yup, the room that has been full of boxes since we moved in over a year ago.)

6. Think of something to buy for Dad for Christmas, and then go and buy this something.

7. Purchase presents for the Harris side of the family. (we’ll just make that one thing on the list, even though there are several gifts to buy. especially since I think I will reassign this task to my lovely husband)

8. Finish caulking around the sink in the bathroom that Mom and I repainted in October.

9. Move all of the furniture from the family room into the front living room so that there will be room for my family to sit around the Christmas tree.

10. The tree that we haven’t purchased yet.

I could go on and on, but it’s beginning to get embarrassing. Besides, I need to go searching online for a fun new recipe so that I can procrastinate on making something for the Lab Holiday Party that is on Thursday. Happy Holidays!

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  1. For item number 7, may I recommend perhaps some Leek seeds, or perhaps a household installation depicting imagery or carvings of a Leek?

    According to Wikipedia’s entry on The Welsh,

    “The leek is another national symbol and is worn every year on Saint David’s Day. According to legend, St. David (the patron saint of Wales) ordered his troops to identify themselves by wearing the plant on their helmets during a battle against the Saxons. The daffodil is the national flower, symbolizing chivalry and respect in the language of flowers. The Narcissus obvallaris species only grows in the Tenby area of Wales.”

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