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I wasn’t going to admit this to anyone but my mother, but I have nothing else to write about and I haven’t posted in a while… I went shopping at Dress Barn. I know, sounds awful, doesn’t it? Lots of it was; there were granny-dresses galore. But they were having a 50% off sale and I need a dress. There was nothing worth wearing at the mall, so I was out of options. I miss living somewhere that has more than one mall.

So, anyway. Back to Dress Barn. I managed to find a really pretty dress that fits me perfectly and it was on sale for $20! Can’t beat that. Unfortunately, it was not really Christmas party-style and that is what I needed. The lady at the dressing-room-reject pile asked me if I found anything and I said, “I did, but still no dress for the party”. oops. That did it. She walked me through the entire store, picking out outfits that would look good on me and be great for a Husband’s Work Party Where I Will Know Not A Soul**. She was about 75% wrong about my style, but she did pick out some things that I had missed in my rush through the store the first time around. And she kept trying — when I said I didn’t like something, she found something else that might be more to my liking. It was actually really nice. Which made me wonder — why isn’t there a store with nice, stylish clothing that has this service? Why can’t I go to Macy’s, for instance, and find a saleslady that will wander through the store, selecting cloths that will look good with my coloring and on my figure and asking “would you like some shoes to try on with the dress?”???? Why is it only at Dress Barn that such people exist?

I think more retail clothing stores should have some sort of commission-type program. I’m fairly certain that Dress Barn does.

**Saved by the wisdom teeth! Mike had his taken out yesterday and is in no mood for partying tonight! Hooray! I can return the holiday party skirt that I only 85% liked and I don’t have to find something to go with it!

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  1. carol says:

    Was this the party that Mike didn’t know how formal it would be? How is he reoovering from the loss of his wisdom?

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