I have been coming up with a lot of excuses for not posting, but really, I just haven’t been able to write lately. I’ve done a lot of composing in my head and there are (as usual) lots of things that I could rant about, but… Then I get to the computer and I just don’t know what to type. Tonight I’m blaming it on change. Everything’s changing and I adjust slowly to that. Even the really good changes (and most of the changes surrounding my life are good)… it just takes my head a while to adjust to new and different.
The weather has changed (bad change), my home changed, my computer desk changed, my friends changed (some of them multiplied). My routine is all different and I argueably haven’t really settled into a new routine yet.
We didn’t go to the dogpark this weekend. I think Penelope and I were the only ones thrown off by that, and she was probably only acting wierd because I was projecting again (Mike keeps calling me on that ’cause I say at least once a day “I think Penelope really likes her new house”. she does. seriously. I can tell. stop laughing at me. now.)
Ever since our visit to my brother and sister-in-law, I have been listening to the soundtrack of the musical that we saw — Avenue Q, the one with puppets. It’s hilarious. and has good songs. In particular I have been playing over and over again the one about wanting to go back to college. “life was so simple back then…in college you know who you are…” that’s the sort of mood I have been in all week. I’m feeling a bit lost and not so sure about where my life is going. Not that I am unhappy with my life, really, I have so much going for me and I am happy. I just feel a bit rudderless and unsure of what is coming next. I could use some plans and lists and a map maybe. a map would be good.
Change takes some time for me. I’ll get there. and for now, I can enjoy our lovely new house and a weekend playing computer games with my fabulously patient husband (I’m the slowest unpacker in the entire world and he still hasn’t yelled at me yet!). Maybe next weekend it’ll feel more like I belong in my life and less like I am borrowing someone else’s.

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3 Responses to Fall

  1. Tim says:

    Pretty sure you’re not the slowest unpacker in the entire world. When I moved this spring, I was able to put boxes in the Uhaul that had never been unpacked from my move the prev July, which before that had not been unpacked from my move the prev Nov, which had not been unpacked from my move the prior July. One of these days I’ll finish unpacking my boxes and maybe put some pictures on the walls as well. The other plan is to try to not move come this next April unless it’s to a house that belongs to a bank of mine.

  2. Tony says:

    Is it my imagination or did you just somehow imply that Mike is patient? Now that’s a change that might take some getting used to.

  3. Kim says:

    sshhh… don’t tell him he’s not patient — then he’ll make me finish unpacking!!!

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