No news…

Except that I am DONE! I think the test went ok, but I won’t know until tomorrow sometime.

The weekend was great — one and a half season’s of Battlestar Galactica, Chinese food, a fire in the fireplace, and computer games today. Can’t beat that. Also, I learned that dueling isn’t all bad. (on my computer game, not for real. swords/guns are dangerous and I don’t handle pain well.) Turns out my little mage does pretty well against warriors. Who knew?

I even managed to get a couple of loads of laundry washed and dried and folded. Now if only my trip to the mall hadn’t been so crappy. I need to find a dress to wear to Mike’s coworker’s Christmas party. There is nothing cute at the mall. NOTHING!

so, like I said. No news, just a lot of randomness. MY CLASS IS OVER! NO MORE STUDYING EVER!

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One Response to No news…

  1. Tony says:

    Yay for being done! Does this mean you’ll hang out with us more? Carol and I could use your help whoopin’ mobs.

    Or maybe we could meet in real life some day…


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