are we there yet?

hee. I’m such a whiner. =)

The final’s on Friday and I’m doing everything in my power to avoid studying! Woohoo for procrastination!

And here is the news from the Harris Household (also known as… Random procrastinat-y things to talk about instead of studying)

A large buck wandered through our backyard a couple of weeks ago. It had antlers (not sure how many points, I was too shocked to count) and was clearly very lost. Penelope loudly informed him that deer DO NOT belong in our backyard. She’s right.

A friend from college was in town for a visit this weekend (thanks for driving all the way out here, Brian!) and it was great to see him. We have been trying to get him to move to our great state for a while now and this weekend while we were out and about, some random guy stopped Brian and offered him a job! A little bizarre, but super funny.

It snowed lots of inches of snow here last Friday, but it’s mostly melting now. freaking winter. Why don’t I live on an island in the Caribbean? That would be much better.

My boss (we’ll call him that even though I’m not sure really where he falls on the Org Chart Where I Work, just cause it’s easiest) told me today that I don’t have to study. He said it wasn’t necessary to memorize everything, that I should just “do my best” and make sure that I understand the basic concepts. hmmm. THAT is sure to motivate me to study harder. crap.

Tomorrow Mike and I will have been married for 3 years. Feels like a lot longer.

I actually mean that in the nicest way possible. It just that we fall so nicely into our little routines and habits and married life has been so easy recently. *glances over shoulder fearing lightning bolts any second*

That’s why this class was horrible. I love my life. I get on my bus in the morning and go to work, I come home and hang out with my husband and dog, I sleep, I go back to work, and so on and so forth. It’s a good routine. It works for us. With Mike working insanely silly numbers of hours weekly and my silly class the last six weeks, our little routine was out of whack.

Well, this weekend, we’re reclaiming our rut. Class will be done, Mike’s workload is getting a little more reasonable for a little while, and we are going to celebrate our anniversary by being couch potatoes on Saturday. We’re going to watch as many episodes of Battlestar Galactica as we can, there’s going to be a fire in the fireplace, and the only person leaving the house at all will be Mike when he runs out to pick up Chinese food for dinner (he gets a little squirrel-y after too much couch potato time, so it is good for him to get out. I don’t have such problems; I make a great potato). I can’t wait.

I suppose it is time to stop rambling about nothing and actually spend a little time pretending to study. I don’t want to chance another C. My boss might be okay with it, but I’m pretty sure I would cry. and that might ruin my Rut Reclaiming Party.

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    Happy Anniversary, Kim and Mike!!!

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