WARNING! This post is full of whining and ridiculousness. I should have been studying, but instead I am whining. Stop reading now unless you want to be bombarded with my whining. You’ve been warned!

38 out of 50 possible points. That’s my somewhat pathetic score on my exam from last week. That’s right, I got a C. I don’t like C’s. The last C I got was in Organic Chemistry, and with the curve, that magically became a B+. No curve in this class. Crap.

Oh, and now I’m That Girl. The one that everyone tries to cheer up and convince that “you’ll do better next time, now that you know how to study for these tests” and “don’t worry, at least you passed, the grade doesn’t really matter” and my personal favorite “that’s only just below the average”. (average score for the class was 41/50) The person that I sit next to in class (who works in the lab next to mine) got a 48/50. She tried to cheer me up, too. I used to be her. The one who studied just a little and still did awesome on the exams. Now I’m the girl who spends all weekend studying and winds up just below average.

I’ve been trying to make myself feel better about it, cause really, it doesn’t matter. I’m not working towards a Masters Degree, I’m just taking a class that will be helpful for what I do at work every day. And it is a class mostly full of first year medical students. They’re supposed to be above average, so really, I’m just below the average above average people… or something.

This is why I’m not working towards a degree, though. I worry too much about grades to be doing this right now. I like my life of going to work for 8-9 hours and then coming home and relaxing. And not doing much on the weekends (except when I have to go back in to work and do a little more working). =) But seriously, my life was nice and calm and quiet. And now I’m stressed and sad and mad about grades. And I rebelled tonight and played my computer game, cause I haven’t been online in a week! SEVEN DAYS!

That’s just crazy. School is for chumps. =(

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  1. Jason says:

    Hey Kim! Despair not – you have encountered “Gunners”, so beware! Immunology is tough stuff – a nice blend of tough concepts plus a lot of memorization – its hard stuff so don’t fret too much. Hope you are doing good up there and that its not too cold. adios!

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