I have lots of ’em. I’d like for them to go away now.

I stayed home from work yesterday and slept most of the day away. I felt pretty guilty about it, too. Why is that? I was SICK! I couldn’t even stay awake watching TV! What good would I have been at work? Doesn’t matter. I still feel guilty. I’ve been told that this makes me a little crazy. I think it makes me responsible. (and a little crazy)

Today I have decided that cold medicine is evil. It didn’t make my boogers go away, but it sure did make my brain shut down. I didn’t take any in the afternoon and I was a completely different girl. Case closed — cold medicine = da debil.

And speaking of completely different… (like that segue? I’m kinda proud of it.) The shelves of pharmacies are now stocked with the inferior little brother of pseudoephedrine — Phenylephrine. Turns out it doesn’t work as well as pseudoephedrine, but you can’t make illegal drugs out of it. Since I didn’t want to have to go talk to the pharmacist and get the real stuff (and I had already been to the pharmacy once for the Evil Cold Medicine of Not Remembering How To Function At Work) I settled for the fake stuff. It doesn’t work. Next time, I’m totally going to the pharmacist, showing him/her my driver’s license and signing my name on the list. And I promise to use it to get rid of my boogers, not to get high.

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  1. Sandra says:

    Hey Kim, I’m sorry your weren’t feeling very well…I hope you’re all better now. I’m doing is really kicking my butt…but (hehehe) I’ll get a handle on it really soon.

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