I’m a nerd.

Want to know why I haven’t been posting in a while? It’s cause I’m a big nerd. Work got busy and new tv started and most of all, my guild in that game that I play has been learning how to fight and kill new dragons. Can’t miss that!

Seriously, it’s a big deal. It takes 40 people, lots of coordination so that everyone is doing his/her job at the right time, and several hours three nights a week. I generally only join them for the Wednesday and Thursday night raids (that’s what we call it when 40 people gather to kill dragons – it’s a raid). Tuesday I have ballet class and I get home too late to join the raid.

Well, this Thursday night, we finally killed the last dragon in the instance (that’s where the dragons live – in an “instance” where only 40 of us can go at a time, so when you go there, only your friends are with you. Other places in the game are chock full of strangers who may or may not help or hinder you. When you enter an instance, only your friends are with you). So anyway. No one really wanted to know that, but if you do happen to still be reading this, here is a picture of our guild with the dragon that we just killed. (I say “we” very loosely, as I died in the first two minutes of the fight and spent the next 20ish minutes laying on the ground watching everyone else have all the fun killing Nefarian.)

Big Dragon Thumbnail

Oh, and by the way, I may be a big nerd, but some giant nerds have updated Wikipedia with all things WoW. Here is the entry on Nefarian. It’s remarkably accurate, though I would have noted that during the fight mages (like me!) will occasionally be forced to polymorph their friends. Basically the dragon makes me randomly turn my friends into animals. I giraffed someone before my untimely death. =)

And that is what has been keeping me busy in the evenings for quite a long time now. I wonder if we’ll ever outgrow our computer game addiction?

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