as you demanded…

here’s an update. But it’s going to be quick, cause I’m sleepy.

The short version —

Our friends Brian and Meaghan are married. The wedding was unique (in the good sense of the word, not the way Minnesotans use it) and tons of fun. I will post more about it and some pictures once we unpack the camera accessories.

Zelda is staying with us again while the newlyweds tour Estonia. yes, Estonia. why? why not, really. Honestly, I am looking forward to hearing about what there is to see in Estonia cause I don’t really know what is there. (Can’t remember why Estonia sounds familiar, try this — Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Still stuck? The Baltic states of the former USSR. Still stuck? I can’t help beyond that, though I did learn that it is south of Finland. Seriously. Check a map.)

We are all moved in, though I think it will be a while before we could call ourselves “unpacked”. (Mom, progress has slowed considerably since you left. please come back and help me finish!)

My parents are the BEST! They were here last weekend to help with all the moving and unpacking and cleaning of the old house and shopping for things for the new house. It was a super-fun weekend and they were such a huge help to us. Thanks for flying out for all the hard work. Next time you’ll have to visit when there is more time for fun and less manual labor. =)

Tomorrow the little bird known as Sydney will be off on a new adventure that should end in a better family for her. We will be taking her up to St. Paul and handing her off to a bird rescue organization from Fargo that promises to find her a home full of bird people and without other hazardous pets (like little dogs who catch birds out in the backyard for fun and a giant dog who doesn’t realize she could crush a little bird with one of her toes). I am a little sad and a lot relieved.

The best news of all — We only own one house!!!! I did a little dance of joy when I heard today that everything went fine with the closing and our check will be ready on Monday! It’s a happy day.

Anyway. Once I have the camera cables unpacked, I will have some pictures of the wedding, the new house, the dogs (cause they’re pretty photogenic when there are two of them tumbling around the house) and stuff… Happy One House Day!

oh, and read the Eichenblog, it’s hilarious! Way more fun to read than this boring page. (and updated more regularly, too) =)

good night

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  1. Carol says:

    Hi! I get to be the first to post! Congratulations on your one house day, and the new home for Sydney. Can’t wait for pictures. See you in the morning.

  2. Tony says:

    Kim, I’m glad you found a home for Sydney. If you hadn’t I think I have found another solution..

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