It’s Fall!

The leaves are changing, it’s getting dark earlier, the nasty cold winds are returning, but…

TV is BACK! I love TV. My Not-a-TiVo is chock full of television-y goodness. It keeps me busy. Today after work I watched the rest of Vanished that I didn’t have time to finish yesterday, Gilmore Girls and Studio 60. Hooray for a new version of The West Wing! I loved that show (the early seasons before it became a soap opera), so of course I love Sudio 60. It’s from the same guys and has the same pacing, the same smart and funny dialogue, and Josh (but no Donna. and they gave him a new name which I am sure I will eventually remember)! Mike commented tonight that it looked just like West Wing, and it really does. It’s West Wing meets “The Making of Saturday Night Live” and I am loving it. There was even a Gilbert and Sullivan song.

The fall does not completely suck.

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