It’s cold outside.

Blah. That is all.

Ok, not really. But that’s how I feel – blah. I haven’t posted in a while because work is wearing me out and I just haven’t felt like writing.

It’s fall. Mike loves it, but I am still hoping for one last taste of summer before it gets really cold. I looked in my closet for something appropriate for the fall weather we have been having and there isn’t anything in there. I have summer and I have winter. Nothing in between. So I went to the mall. I wish Mom lived here so she could go shopping with me. I would also like a stylist. I need a style cause my wardrobe feels a little… blah.

I amused myself at the mall (while I was finding clothes that I didn’t like or that didn’t fit me) by counting the number of languages being spoken around me. French, Spanish, Chinese, another Asian language that I don’t know, and something else that I couldn’t place — maybe German? something Scandinavian? not sure. But I did understand the little boy speaking Chinese asking his auntie to buy him something and her response that she was not going to buy it and he should come with her right now. =) yay me! I haven’t forgotten everything! Sometimes this town makes me laugh. It’s so quiet and small-townish, but then you go to the mall and hear five different languages.

The prelude to winter means that we get to open the windows and throw the down comforter back on the bed. And the cooler weather has made me want to pick up my knitting again. I got a bit farther on a new project yesterday, but there are still two projects from last winter that I need to finish. Oh, and one from this spring that I should start. =) I think I need a new rule — no more trips to the yarn store until I am done with all current projects. Rules are no fun.

I had to work today. blah. I do love my new job in spite of the fact that the increased responsibilities are freaking me out a bit and I am struggling with training my replacement and keeping up with my own work. So, I signed up for a graduate course in immunology. OMG, what am I thinking?! It’s a six week long course, 2 hours of class 3 times a week, in the middle of the work day. Thank goodness it is only six weeks long.

And that is about all that has been going on in the last week or so. Happy fall!

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  1. tim says:

    You and your knowledge of languages. That’s pretty impressive. I’m a big fan of being able to open the windows in the fall. Of course, it seems whenever I do that while I’m at work, it turns out to be 80 something out. Congrats on the new job and good luck with that class.

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