Poor piggy pooch

Poor, poor piggy pooch. Penelope’s Halloween costume arrived in the mail yesterday. She wanted to be a pig. So we went online and found the perfect costume.
I ordered an XL size, the largest available size. Poor piggy; she is a bit too long for her costume and the piggy head doesn’t really fit the way that it should. Now the debate begins: attempt to alter the dog’s Halloween costume, or hand it down to her smaller friend, Zelda, who may or may not wish to be a piggy pooch. Truly, it is a heart-wrenching dilemma…

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2 Responses to Poor piggy pooch

  1. Tony says:

    So you’re saying it wouldn’t fit Fred either? I haven’t even thought of his costume yet.


  2. Kim says:

    I think it would require major alterations to fit Fred. =) Though he has the significant advantage of a very short neck. Penelope’s neck is the biggest problem, as her costume was designed for some strange breed of neck-less dogs.

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