Birthday Diving

First, a couple of pictures of Mike’s fish tank (the new, appropriately-sized one that lives in this house. Instead of the old, ridiculously-sized, 300-gallon one that resided at the old house.)



The discuses were being camera shy, so the only fish you can see in those pictures are the boring little ones. All the plants are real plants, by the way. Isn’t my husband talented and cool? I think so.

I had an excellent birthday, which included Double Chocolate Espresso Cake made for me by our lab manager, a dinner out at the Japanese Steakhouse, and scuba diving in Wisconsin. I was well and truly spoiled and I loved it. =)

We learned a few things yesterday on our first ever Harris Family Dive Excursion Without Expert Assistance. First, Wisconsin is murky this time of year, no matter what the Lake Wazee website says. Visibility in Lake Wazee is insanely bad right now (it was nice and clear when we dove there for my certification dives, but not so much this time). We saw almost nothing once we were underwater. Second, Mike needs a compass. Badly. With no underwater landmarks, he kept darting off in the direction we had just come from or making small circles around nothing. It could be argued that I should have given him my compass since I did agree that he could be the leader and I would follow. Which leads me to thing number 3 that I learned. I need a rope. To tie to Mike so I can get his attention when he has darted off somewhere without me. Cause when he’s in my blind spot (masks and gear and such create weird blind spots big enough to hide a person in) and there is literally NOTHING around you but brown, murky water, I tend to panic a bit. (that was observation number 4, for those who are keeping track)

So, we did manage to get to the lake, set up our gear, get into the water, swim in the wrong direction at about 25 feet below the surface, come back to the surface and discuss how much of nothing we could see (seriously, I kept putting my hand out in front of my face to see if I could see that far through the brownness), attempt to swim back in a northwesterly direction, get down to 28 feet and the freaking cold water (the thermocline was creepily green and thick), panic a few times thinking Mike had been eaten my a lake-monster or simply disappeared, and finally, discover the wall of the quarry and swim back to the beach until Mike ran out of air. Here are some pictures…

Lake Wazee

Scuba Set-Up

Scuba Mike

Scuba Me

Happy Birthday to me! I hope the rest of my birthday month is as fun as the first half was. =)

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