My sad online tale that I promised to tell…

A little while back, one of my fellow mages decided to give “real life” a try. It was a Tuesday night, which means it was raid night — 40 people get together to kill a bunch of monsters together. That Tuesday, there were huge changes to the type of character I play, so I had to make some changes to the way that I do things when I am playing Marindra and I wasn’t really in the mood for changes. Raid night makes me nervous on an average day, because I am way more casual about this game than most of the people that we play with. My lovely husband, for instance, can tell you all of the mathematical reasons behind his weapon and armor choices, as well as why he built his character the way that he did. My approach was much more girly. I chose what I thought sounded good, and mostly ignored the numbers. I am the only female mage in our guild (we actually have a lot of women in the guild, but for some reason they don’t play mages as their main characters) and all of the rest of the mages are like Mike. They go on and on about the math behind the game.
All of the mages but Soosie. Soosie is a female gnome mage just like Marindra, but Soosie is played by a male. =) funny, isn’t it? that’s another post, for another time, though. So that Tuesday I was pushing all the wrong buttons because all my buttons had moved and I was feeling stupid and inept and I was completely shocked when I saw in my chat window that Soosie was saying goodbye for good. His computer had been misbehaving for a while, making playing nearly impossible and he said he’d been missing out on real life.

Right then and there he started mailing things from his characters to me and to Mike and to his other friends. I was shocked and really sad. It was like a friend was moving to another country. A country without phones or a postal service. Cause I don’t know anything about the man behind Soosie. I know he’s a he, cause I’ve heard his deep voice coming out of my computer speakers for a few months now. I know that he has a roommate, cause his roommate is also in the guild. I don’t know his name or where he lives or what he does for a living (I know he has a job cause he said he goes to work, comes home and logs on to the game, goes to bed and starts all over again in the morning and that’s why he needs to stop playing). So how could I be so sad? I don’t know.

I just know that I am attached to these people in my computer. When Mike was out of town a while back on a business trip, one of his rogue buddies took it upon himself to check up on me by bringing Marindra presents and dancing with her during down times on raid night. We interact in such a funny little world, where I can hear their voices, but I never see their real faces. Whether I am crazy for being so attached or not, I am happy that Soosie is rediscovering “real life”, and I wish him all the best, but I sure am going to miss having him around.

UPDATE: I wrote this post a while ago and have since heard that Soosie has survived the WoW withdrawl and is enjoying all the free time that he has.

Oh, also, our guild has a website and someone started a topic that included a picture of himself. Since then quite a few of the other folks have posted pictures of themselves. It is so strange to see the faces of these people that I have been playing with for 7 months. It has again made me wonder about how I could be so attached to people when I have never met them and feel like we are friends when I wouldn’t recognize them if they suddenly appeared on my doorstep. The internets are a funny place, aren’t they?

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