A week from today is Closing Day. In one week we will own two houses.

That’s frightening to me. Until not quite two years ago, I had never owned one house and I wasn’t really looking for that much responsibility. Now we’re going to have two. Of course, if all goes as planned, we will only have two houses until September 30th. On that day we will be closing on the sale of our current house and by that date we will be all moved out of the current house and into the new house — the one that will never, ever be described as “the blue one with the giant aquarium in the front window”.

My parents are arriving in town next Thursday and there are movers coming on Friday to move the heavy stuff (I do NOT want to be the one that has to pick up and carry the 65-inch-not-flatscreen-heavy-looking television that is currently residing in our basement, or “downstairs family room” as I tried unsuccessfully to rename it). Essentially, the movers will be paid by the hour to load all of our furniture into their truck and take it across town to the new house and then put it all where ever I point. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Those are the only definite things I know about the move and I am going nuts trying to imagine what will happen next week. Zelda will be staying with us again, as Brian and Meaghan will be out of the country enjoying their honeymoon. So we’ll have two dogs and eventually two people living in one or both of our two houses. =) That’s the debate of the hour — should Mike and I move our bed and a few days of necessities to the new house along with the dogs (oh, and that screechy bird that still lives here) on Monday as soon as it is officially ours? Or do we all continue living (until Friday, the 23rd) in the blue house that-used-to-have-a-ridiculously-enormous-aquarium-in-the-front-window? It is an epic debate, wrought with controversy. I’m hoping that the debate can be solved with a dinnertime discussion over frozen pizza (cooked, used to be frozen pizza, that is) and fresh green beans and edamame (however you spell it — those soybean things that you steam and then pile salt on so that you can suck the salt off as you suck the bean out of the pod. mmmm… salt).

I’d better get cookin’. I’ll let you know how it all turns out…

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4 Responses to Moving

  1. Tony says:

    Yay for moving day! Just let me know when we can help and Isaac and I will be there with our muscles and Explorer.

  2. Kim says:

    Will do. Unfortunately, nothing was really decided last night. We’re still in the wait and see sort of mode.
    Will you and Carol be at lunch today?

  3. Tony says:

    Yes, we’ll be at lunch. We can discuss plans and such at that time.

  4. Jay says:

    Ha-Ha!! You have to move. For the first time since you left the friendly confines of New England, I can honestly say I am glad you live 26 hours away. Have fun lifting all those stupid little boxes. The one piece of advice I can remember to give you is….

    NEVER PACK THE DOG AND THE BIRD IN THE SAME BOX! The dog will be cramped, and it will just piss off the bird!!!

    Let me know how it goes.

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