The weekend in numbers

1 night – length of camping excursion
8 – number of adults attending said excursion
3 – number of small children tagging along
0 – number of small children in attendance older than 1 year of age
4 – number of dogs attending camping excursion
104 – average size of dogs in pounds
3 – number of ticks found in the first 12 hours of the excursion (1 on a child, 1 on me, 1 on a dog) ewwww!
4 – number of vehicles required to carry everything needed for 1 night of camping
0 – amount of usable space in square inches left in any of the vehicles once packed with gear, food, humans and dogs
0 – number of facilities with running water (or any form of toilet) at campsite

It was a great time. We camped in Iowa next to a pond on some farmland owned by the parents of one member of our group. When camping with 4 dogs and 3 babies, it is really best not to have any other campers nearby. Nobody bothered us and we didn’t bother anyone. No one caught any fish, either. We’ll have to go back for another try.

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