Jen? are you out there?

Hi! I sent an email, but I haven’t heard back, so I am going to use my blog as a message board again. =) sorry, everyone else.

Do you still check your gmail account? Cause that’s the one that I wrote to. We’d like to come and visit you (details are in my email)…

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One Response to Jen? are you out there?

  1. Brian Anciaux says:

    I was intrigued to see how this blog has mysteriously captured your sensibility, wit, familiar Kim-phrases, and the penchant for taking the mundane every day ‘vie-de-voux’ and turning them into an imaginative, retrospective, Seinfeldish storyline complete with character build, climax, and epilogue. The sideways smiley-faces, yes those whimsical little characters definetely add depth to the emotion felt from the writer to the reader. It’s as if I can view your facial expression at the exact moment you’re writing, truly a bonus for us readers.

    Though I still stay this blog serves as a replacement, nay, drive-by phone call. Verbal communication is being ousted by your innate desire to satisfy the geek in you.

    Naw, really it’s pretty cool. Looks like a neat, pain and sweat free hobby.


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