He’s Two.

And that’s all the explanation we need these days when Evan is around. He is still my hilarious little bundle of boy, but right now he is primarily my little bundle of rage. I’ve been told that some mornings at daycare it takes him 45 minutes to calm himself enough to come to the table. Calm himself from what, you ask? No one knows. Everything and nothing makes him mad these days. I guess we have that in common at the moment. =) Most nights we can’t convince him to sit in his chair and eat dinner. He will sit there before dinner is served, but as soon as we are all ready to eat, something will happen and he’ll throw himself on the floor screaming and then wander off to play. Any attempt to talk to him will result in a repeat of the tantrum. Last weekend at the grocery store he demanded to be both in and out of the cart at the same time. He wanted me to hold him until I was holding him and then only Dad would do. He did’t want a cookie but then was mad as soon as we walked by and didn’t get one. He’s exhausting.

But then tonight he insisted that he wouldn’t sit with Mike and Nathan to read stories unless I stayed. He just sat there, looking at me and holding out his hand for mine and whining. And when Mike tried to sit with him in the rocking chair for one last song and a snuggle, he screamed for me. And made me sing lots of songs. I’ve missed my Evan-snuggles. He’s pretty sweet when he wants to be.

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