My boys are awesome

Seriously. They are so cool and terribly hilarious. Sure, we have our moments, but I expect that bragging about them on the internet makes up for at least one of the afternoons that I have spent yelling, right?


Evan has had a language explosion since the week of Christmas and he just gets funnier with each word. We are really enjoying discovering his personality and I’m becoming more and more certain every day that he is a miniature Mike. Scary, I know.

Tonight at bedtime, both kids were clearly exhausted, so we only read three little books. Evan dove out of my arms and into his crib (one stuffed Stitch under each arm) and then demanded a book. He snuggled himself into the corner of his crib with his dinosaur book and started “reading” it to me and was super mad when I turned his light off on him.

As I walked past Nathan’s door and said good night, he stopped me to ask a stalling question. This is where I usually get a request for a different stuffed animal than the 10 who are already in bed with him or a book even though it is too dark to read. I told him he could have one question and then I was leaving. There was a very long pause while he thought, and then he said, “Penguins can’t fly. um. because. well. They can only fly in the water.”

I love my awesomely cool little nerds.

Baby gamers

Baby gamers

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  1. Julie says:

    Truly awesome. 🙂

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