Belated Nathan Videos

I have had these videos for a while. I’ve been meaning to post them for a while. I really need to learn how to do all of this with an iPad. Oh well. Better months after the fact than never, right? How will I tease him when he’s all grown up if these videos aren’t conveniently stored on the internet for everyone to see?

This first one is a Halloween “concert” organized by Nathan’s cello instructor. The kids and their parents get together in the lesson room and each kid plays a song. Nathan is the youngest by about 5 years, but many of the kids in the room have been taught by this instructor since they were just about Nathan’s age. The part that you don’t see in this video is that he sat and watched and listened for about 30 minutes before it was his turn. No jumping around, no whining, just sitting and listening. His instructor tries to play with him and I don’t think Nathan knew what to do with that, but here he is playing the first bit of Twinkle, Twinkle and then plucking Hot Cross Buns. I’m pretty sure I was more nervous than he was.

This next video is from church. The kids were supposed to sing the chorus of the song with the choir and do a little dance. Nathan had other ideas.

He knew the song. I swear to you, the minute we walked in the door at home after church he asked me to sing it with him and he knew all the words. I was so sure this was going to happen at the cello concert, which was only 3 days after the non-singing or dancing at church. He showed me.

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