Mike taught Evan to be a zombie.

I know, the only people surprised by that haven’t met Mike. But still. Nathan wasn’t so quick to pick up on the fun of that particular game. Evan barely says any words at all and hasn’t been very babble-y either, but he has always been a noise imitator. Car noises, train chugging, dinosaur roaring. He’s the cutest roar-er of them all.

Last night I got home and Evan crawled in my lap, gave me a hug, sat back and grinned at me. Then he leaned forward towards my chin, said “nom nom nom” and then sat back and made some very convincing chomping noises. With an adorable ROAR he started all over again and the collapsed in my lap giggling.

It only took Mike an hour to turn my sweet baby into a flesh eating zombie. And now he won’t snuggle with me because he thinks the zombie thing is just SO FUNNY.

It kind of is.

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