The basement is finished now and our computers have been moved into the tiny new office. Once the couch finally arrives and the bookcases are put in, we’ll be pretty much done. Sadly, just as we are able to enjoy our new space, the stupid Evil Twins of Ladybugs have come out of hibernation. They are EVERYWHERE! I vacuumed up 20 or more of them out of one window and then I started looking at the floor. They are all over my new carpet! And these Evil Twins of Ladybugs stain when you crush them, so now I am afraid to walk on my new carpet.

For those of you who don’t know about these bugs, here is what I know. They look like ladybugs, but they aren’t ladybugs. They are something else. They bite and they stink when you crush them. Seriously, they smell bad. In the summer and fall there seem to be waves of them covering the outside of houses (not so much our old, blue house, but this house is light colored and they LOVE it). Imagine bible stories of plagues of insects. It’s like that. If anyone knows where these things came from, please post in the comments. I’m going to perpetuate the rumor that I heard until someone corrects me — I heard they were released either by the Dept of Natural Resources or the University to eat bad bugs. I hear that the theory was the winters here would kill them. Instead they burrow into our houses and hibernate all winter and then come out in droves in the spring. It’s nasty and they make me scream. out loud. all the time. seriously. I can’t take it.

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  1. Veronica says:

    I think they are Asian Beetles. I THINK. That would mean that they came from…Asia? Actually, a Google search i just did produced this:
    Good Luck.

  2. Leah says:

    My parents had those same evil twins of ladybugs. And I believe they identified them as asian beetles. they are awful. my parents finally hired an exterminator after they got so bad my mom could not stand it, which I believe did work ok, though my mom has a horrible story now of cleaning the basement and having to scoop the dead ones out our basement with snow shovels. But our basement is dank unfinished and dirty so that probably made it worse.

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