It’s alive!!!

I got a video camera thingy for Christmas and I’ve been filling it up with cute videos, but I’ve been too lazy to put them on the computer. =) I finally did it! And I even figured out how to get them on YouTube (private) and then embed them here… though I did not figure out how to make them fit nicely on the blog front page. Oops.

At the end of this one you will see a glimpse of why I breathed a sigh of relief when Mike sent Lindy off to Hunting Dog Boot Camp for the summer.

That is the only video I took on our summer vacation. I think it’s pretty hilarious.

And here is why I guess I will be ready for Lindy to be home at the end of the month.


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  1. Becky says:

    Love the one of Evan falling asleep. Poor little guy was tuckered out!

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