Penelope Jane, R.N.

No, really! She’s an RN! We placed 4th in our Rally Novice class on Saturday, which means that she has had a qualifying score in three shows and she has earned her Rally Novice title. The AKC will then allow me to put it at the end of her registered name and she will officially be called, Penelope Jane, R.N. =) And now she’s going to go out and get a job to support my life of leisure.

I am really proud of her. There aren’t a lot of mastiffs that compete in obedience and she is doing quite well. Our 4th place (out of 13 dogs) was a result of a score of 90 out of 100. We actually tied with the third place dog, but ties are broken by speed and we were not so speedy. Penelope gets pretty sleepy at shows and while we were standing outside the ring waiting for our turn, I really thought she was going to fall asleep. Several people from her obedience class were at the show and she was very excited to see friends and I think after they left and we had to wait around for another hour for our class to start, she was just out of energy. We got to one part of the course where she had to lay down and she just kind of looked at me like, “are you kidding, that floor is hard and I have been laying on it all day, how about a couch and maybe a McDonald’s hamburger instead…” poor, sad dog. I’m so mean. So mean, in fact, that on our way home from The Big City, I stopped and got the dog a double cheeseburger of her very own. (ok, I had a bite or two, but I gave her some fries in exchange…)

And that was about all the excitement that we Harris’s could handle for the weekend. Mike stained the baseboards and casings and once all of those are installed (along with the doors), the basement is officially complete. The couch won’t be here for another 7 weeks or so, so I think we’ll call it complete before the decorating has really gotten rolling. There are walls, there are outlets, there is recessed lighting, the walls are painted, I’m not sure what more we could want. Maybe a little heat. It’s awfully cold down there; good thing I have a space heater, lots of blankets and a couch-mastiff. =)

now I am off to keep the couch-mastiff company… I’ll post a pic of the new RN as soon as I’m not feeling so lazy…

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  1. Tony says:

    Yay, Penelope! Best obedience couch mastiff ever!


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