What? No posting?

Here’s an update for you.

Remember July?
Frankly, I’m struggling to remember details…

August was pretty busy as well, what with all the birthday-month shenanigans and an increasingly mobile infant. (Not crawling, who would want to do that when rolling works just as well.)

not to mention all the “tritercyle” rides around the neighborhood.

Also, the sitting! The second child sits independently! Whee!
Drool? What drool? When choosing which Sitting Up picture to post, I found only one that didn’t also have a string of drool coming out of Evan’s mouth. I decided that The Drooliest Child Ever should be documented here for all time. Thankfully, all that drool is already a (somewhat) distant memory now that the first tooth recently made an appearance.

It was terribly exhausting.

No, really. Exhausting.

Then came September.
September kicked Evan’s butt. First there was a head cold, which became an ear infection, followed immediately by a crazy 103-degree-fever-inducing virus that led to full body hives and a second round of antibiotics just in case the ear infection wasn’t finished. Oh, don’t forget the conjunctivitis that he passed along to me. I haven’t forgotten; I still can’t wear my contacts. =(

We still managed to find some good moments in September.

Evan found some crazy hair, too.

October brought a visit from my mom and dad. We really need to get better about taking pictures while they are around, cause I don’t have any with Dad in them. And I have about 5 from their whole visit. Apparently we were too busy chasing Evan around — he crawls!!! We also removed the last of the wallpaper from the house (the boys’ bathroom is a lovely shade of green now); thanks, Mom! Nathan thoroughly enjoyed having grandparents at his disposal and was pretty sad when he found out that his roommates weren’t permanently moving in with him.

Evan’s crazy hair finally got too nutty even for a mother to love. Check out his new ‘do!

Little brother is also letting us know that he is not going to be left behind by his big brother. The crawling around the room from toy to toy exploded quickly into exploring the whole house. He is fast and barely slowed down at all by the step out of the family room and into the kitchen. Look where I found him yesterday.

Big brother is not always amused by his brother’s new abilities. I regularly hear wails of “MOOOOMMMM, move Evan!” or “MMMOOOMMM, come get Evan!”. So far I find it amusing. We’ll see how long that lasts.

Yes, Mom, he’s freaking adorable. Now get him away from my computer game.

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5 Responses to What? No posting?

  1. Shelley says:

    Ummm … what happened to that snuggly little boy that I held only … oh three or four months ago?

  2. Mom says:

    Ok, I’m moving in with you. I’ll be Nathan’s roommate! The pictures are too cute. I can’t wait until Christmas. You just might find me on your doorstep with my suitcase soon.

    I am still laughing at the pictues!!

    Love, MOM

  3. Julie says:

    They are both so cute! Those eyes!!!

  4. Christa says:

    Your boys are so cute. I can not believe the amount of hair and that it is blonde! Of course I was bald until 3. You can not wait this long to post pics of these cuties! I do not blame Grandma for racking up frequent flyer miles;)

  5. Carol says:

    So that’s what you’ve been up to- Post more pictures!! I especially love Nathan’s expression in the last one.

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