Another day of firsts

Today was a terribly important day in the life of Nathaniel Harris. Today Nathan went to the movies for the first time. He enjoyed his first movie theater popcorn and sat through his first set of previews waiting for his movie to begin. He heard the Wehrenberg whisper for the first time (the funniest theater advertisement-thingy ever, I believe. I’ll have to see if I can find that online to share with you…) and looked behind him to see where it was coming from. And then we watched Winnie the Pooh. It was cute and the perfect first movie. It is just over an hour long, it isn’t too loud or too scary or too fast-paced. And we didn’t run out of popcorn before it ended. I have to admit, going to the movies for the first time isn’t as cool as fishing or playing tee-ball with Dad, but I love movies and was super excited to take Nathan to the “movie house” for the first time.

(Unrelated to the topic of firsts — Nathan likes to use “house” when describing places he is uncertain of the proper name for, for example our favorite restaurants have become “Chinese food house” and “pizza house” and downtown is “Rochester’s house”. Also, he knows where he is on the roads we use regularly and will ask at the appropriate times if we are going to Rochester house or pizza house. He often knows which direction we need to go to get home. I’m impressed.)

Evan’s day may have been a little less exciting than his brother’s, but I am also excited about his “first”. Tonight I put him to bed awake for the first time. And he was aleep in ten minutes. Not bad at all. Now I’m going to bed in case he retaliates by waking up every hour for the rest of the night.

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