See you at the lake

Someone at our house had a fantastic birthday weekend. Actually, it was a great weekend for everyone. We had a nice family trip to the farmer’s market, the boys baked a chocolate cake from scratch (there is nothing cuter than a nearly 3-year old completely in love with Big Red the Kitchen Aid Mixer), and the we spent a lovely Sunday at the lake with Mike’s family.

It seems that being three is pretty acceptable. Especially if there is fishing involved.
fishing july 2011

Nathan was unconvinced that fishing actually involves standing still and holding the pole mostly still and waiting. He thinks that the pole should be waved back and forth and then maybe poked into the water to see if there are really fish in there and then you should reel in the worm and say “lazy worm, get to work!” (can you guess who taught him that?) and then begin again with the waving back and forth. He may be on to something…

birthday fish july 2011

Yes, that is a real fish. Yes, he really did catch it with the previously described methods. I should have taken pictures of the shocked relatives who were looking on. I was too shocked to think of it, though.

birthday fish2 2011

And now he thinks that three minutes of waving a worm around in the lake will net you a fish.

birthday cake july 2011

There were also presents and cake.

teeball july 2011

Now that we have a three year old at our house, Mike has decided it is time for tee ball! Nathan approves, but is a bit disgruntled that Mom won’t let him play in the house. She’s so mean. (She’s also so impressed with how quickly he learned to hold the bat properly, face the tee with his shoulders square and his feet a little apart, and keep both hands on the bat when swinging at the ball.)

Three years has gone by so quickly and yet we can’t remember what life was like before you, Little Man.

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