No, YERanus!

My mom gave Nathan a book about outer space. He loves it and we read it most nights. It’s a Cat in the Hat book, and it’s entertaining so I don’t actually mind reading it over and over. There have been two amusing developments from this books, though. The first was a little disturbing for a bit — we would occasionally hea, “My eyes hurt!” followed by crying. We couldn’t figure out what was wrong with his eyes and nearly went in to see the doctor until I realized there is a line in the book about not looking right at the sun or you will hurt your eyes. And that won’t be fun. Then I realized that Nathan’s eyes only hurt when he wasn’t the center of attention. So now we just say, “stop looking at the sun!” or “close them and they will feel better!” Amazingly, he will often close his eyes for a pretty long time — several minutes while eating dinner is my favorite so far.
I experienced the other hilarious thing tonight while reading the book. When we get to the page about seventh planet, he responds, “MY rainus” every time you read “Uranus”. Mike swears that he didn’t teach him that and has even tried to correct him. I must admit, I laughed and read a few lines over again just to hear it again. :)

In other news, Evan still spends part of most nights in his bassinet. He goes to sleep in his crib at about nine or ten (we need to work on that, too) and sleeps until sometime in the wee hours of the morning. At that point, my laziness takes over and I bring him back to our bed to feed him (Mike still hasn’t complained about the light and ruckus…) and then toss him in the bassinet until the real morning. It’s less than ideal, but for now, I’ll take it. We’ll see how long until it changes again.

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  1. Becky says:

    Are you using Carey’s bassinet? If so, I’m amazed Evan still fits in it. Julia only lasted a month before she started smacking her hands on the sides and making herself really mad!

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