I think I have reached my limit. Too many things in my life are changing right now. Our day care providers are retiring and moving in three weeks. I go back to work in two weeks. My supervisor at work is moving to a new job and as far as I know a replacement hasn’t been found yet. Nathan moved to his new room and into a real bed (only a week of slightly upsetting bedtimes, so I guess this should be a change in the Yay! column). Evan is outgrowing his bassinet and needs to move to Nathan’s old room and a crib. I looked at Nathan last night and suddenly he looked like a little boy instead of my baby. He’s becoming such a kid, a real person with his own ideas and worries and imaginings. I wish I could listen in on what goes on in his head.
I know that life is all about change, but I could do with a few fewer right now. I am feeling really whiny and crabby about it all today and it doesn’t help that when I dropped Nathan off this morning, Judy’s house was full of boxes and things getting ready to be boxed. I guess I was in a bit of denial. This week it’s all sinking in. Too bad I ate all the Easter candy; I bet some chocolate would help.

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