I think it is finally safe to be excited about spring. The snow in the yard is gone, it has been warm enough that Nathan has been able to go outside and play without his winter coat, and our backyard is full of birds and squirrels and baby bunnies. All in all, I have to say that things are looking up around here.
The best news today, though, is that Evan slept all night in his bassinet and is currently having a nap in his pack ‘n play. We were only awake once last night (3 am), and instead of being awake for two hours for the middle of the night feeding, he went right back to sleep after eating. Hooray!
I would post some pictures, but I am not sure how to do that from an iPod. Maybe the Easter bunny will bring me an iPad… (and then teach me how to use it for more frequent and picture-ful blogging)

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