I love libraries

I found my new favorite place to be — the library at work. It is in a building that I had heard about but had never had a reason to go to before. Not sure why, but the whole building is fancy. Stained glass windows, fancy brass doors (seriously, the entire door is shiny and gilded), porcelein drinking fountains, marble walls, it’s amazing. The elevator is also pretty spectacular, though I think I ran out of ways to say “gilded” (right after I used the word “gilded”, I ran out of ways to say it!). Anyway, up in the fancy-schmancy elevator I went and found myself in the most lovely library I have seen since the NY Public Library (that place can’t be beat, really). Now I am certainly a fan of the average modern American library, but there is nothing like the old libraries with super-tall ceilings and big, open lobbies where the librarians sit behind a giant wooden desk ready to help you with all your research woes. And I love walking through the tiny aisles of textbooks and research texts (not to mention the sea of journals in their 70s-era hues — why are journals bound only in brown, green-ish brown, green and more brown? oh, and every once in a while, a reddish-brown). Once I have discovered my own little wooden desk (with the three-sided wooden library-shield around the top) right by the window overlooking the city, I could settle in and be happy for hours.

ahhh, the simple pleasures of the library. I hope I get to go there more often.

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