Still waiting…

I had another appointment yesterday. No changes. It’s possible that I nearly cried. I guess I had my hopes up even after all my big talk of not expecting to have a baby until March (those who have been around here for a while may recall that Nathan also took his dear, sweet time making his appearance). I don’t want to wait until March.

Let’s talk about something else instead. Let’s talk about Nathan. Everyone asks if he is ready for his brother to arrive. I wish I knew what he understands of all the baby discussion. I don’t think he understands much of it. He does understand a lot more than I give him credit for these days, though. I can’t believe how much he has grown up in the past couple of months. He has his own “computer” (a Mobigo) that I love to watch him play. I am continually amazed at how quickly he learned how to play the games. He only had to be shown a couple of times how to get to turn it on and choose his name (“Welcome, Nathan!” he declares each time, even though I only read that to him off the screen once). What is even more fun to see, though, are the games that he doesn’t understand but keeps trying to play anyway. He asks for help sometimes, but more often than not he just keeps trying on his own. There is one game that he doesn’t understand AT ALL where he is supposed to help the Silver Surfer jump over obstacles and catch letters floating in the sky. He sits and laughs out loud (cackles, really) each time the Surfer falls off his surfboard. It’s hysterical to listen to him.

Also hysterical is hearing a little voice yelling “Mommy, I pooped in the potty!”. He yells that a lot these days and if I happen to be the parent in the bathroom with him, he will yell for Daddy or Gus so they can share in telling him how great he is. Mastering the potty is my very favorite of all the things that Nathan has learned recently.

Mike would probably choose something else as his favorite. Possibly Nathan’s interest in making/mimicking silly noises and any “game” that involves loud noises/yelling. Or perhaps Nathan’s interest in cooking and Alton Brown. When they get up together on Saturday mornings Nathan demands to watch Good Eats with surprising regularity. (Awesomely, he also requests Top Gear pretty regularly and at least recognizes Jon Stewart even if he doesn’t ask to watch the Daily Show). Hrm…sounds like we watch too much TV… Good Eats is the only one that he will sit and watch all the way through.

Both Mike and I have been enjoying Nathan’s recent vocabulary explosion. It is fun to have conversations with him, and so much fun to hear just a little bit of what is going on in his head. He’s been interacting with Gus a lot more positively than he ever did with Penelope and I think it has a lot to do with his ability to talk to (and tattle on Gus). “Mommy, Gus wagged me!” “Gus farted.” “Gus, don’t lick me!” “I throw it, the Gus-ball” (Gus likes to play fetch and Nathan likes to throw things; they were made for each other.) This also means that he can tell us what he wants to eat for breakfast, what he wants to drink (usually chocolate milk), and where he would like to go (“I coming with me, Daddy!” hey, pronouns are hard. He always wants to go where ever Daddy is going and if anyone says the word “downstairs” he WILL NOT be left behind).

I could go on and on, but it’s getting late and I need to get to sleep. Here’s hoping my next post will be baby news (and soon!).

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4 Responses to Still waiting…

  1. Julie says:

    Awww, he is going to be a great big brother.

    My kids do the same thing when they play the Wii or some other game – they have no idea how to really do it, but they don’t care at all. I love that.

  2. Aunt Chris says:

    I remember when our 2nd was due. Yes, those were the years of yore when parents discovered the baby was a girl or boy—at the time of birth and not before. I was given a due date of approximately mid-February.
    Toward the end, the Dr. thought the baby (that would be Julie) would be born around Valentine’s Day. Because I was dialated and my 1st childbirth was quick, the Dr’s. were concerned I wouldn’t make it to the hospital in time – so I was to be induced Friday, Feb. 18. At the hospital that morning I was all “prepped” (thank goodness you don’t have to go through all this now) when the Dr. said the baby hadn’t “fallen in the birth canal” and sent me home. I remember that deflated feeling – like you must now feel – like this baby will NEVER be born. But Julie was on Wednesday evening, February 23. It’s all in God’s timing.

    Love, Aunt Chris

    P.S, What’s encouraging – your labor should be about 1/2 of what it was previously.

  3. Julie H says:

    Seriously, Nathan is the cutest ever! It sounds like you are really enjoying this age too which is wonderful:) I’m sorry you didn’t have encouraging news at the dr. Keep hanging in there which I know is easier said than done.
    We love you!

  4. Aunt Chris says:

    Kim and Mike,
    Congrats on the birth of Evan Michael Harris! Can’t wait to see photos of your new little boy. Hi, Nathan….you are now a big brother.

    Love, Aunt Chris & Uncle Jim

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