Fun Pass

It was a fun day. Mike and Nathan went up north to visit Mike’s grandparents, so I had the whole day to fill with whatever I wanted to do. I started the day with a P.E.O. reciprocity meeting, visiting with some wonderful women. Then I did a little shopping, since the maternity store was having a good sale and I am outgrowing everything that I own. I feel a little silly buying clothes that I know I won’t need in a little over a month, but I am getting tired of the five shirts that still fit! After the mall, a friend and I went to a local coffee shop for lunch and coffee and visiting. We also wandered through TJ Maxx where I found the perfect cute little wooden stool that I have been looking for forever (for Nathan’s bathroom upstairs so he can get on the potty without help).

Our final stop for the day — Trader Joe’s! I’ve been avoiding the place because it is new in town and so busy that they need police in the parking lot to direct traffic. Well, we went anyway, and I think I get it. The hype, I mean. It is a great little store with all sorts of food that I am excited to test out. I’m starting tonight with a beef stroganoff meal and some chocolate ice cream for dessert. The chocolate covered pretzels have already passed the test. Now I just have to find a place to hide them before the boys get home…

Best part of today? We have warmed up from -20 degrees (seriously. no joke. that is what the thermometer at my house said on Friday morning.) to about 4 degrees.

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