Bad blogger, bad!

I have nothing to say. That’s why I haven’t been posting. Nothing is happening that is blog-worthy. And I’m too lazy to post the basement update. Oh, did I say “update”, I guess to have an update, you need to have started the thing in the first place… yeah, I never did start that, did I? Blogging about that project turned out to be not terribly exciting, because it is really hard to take pictures of a room. (look- walls! oooh, another wall! bleh) And without pictures of the progress, there’s not much to say.

Mike has been staining the doors (the doors are pretty, I should have taken a picture of those) and then this weekend he coated them in something sticky that also smells bad, but didn’t make us as feel as icky as the stain-fumes did. It was -5 degrees on Saturday, but my door was open. so we could breathe. (pictures of the fumes would have been fun. too bad you couldn’t see them, they just snuck up and tried to murder us in our sleep)

Now I have to go and clean the house quick before I go to bed. I am going to have some visitors tomorrow and one of them is my mom’s sister. She might tell Mom how dirty my house is if I don’t clean it up quick. =) (I told Penelope to fold the laundry and I would carry it upstairs for her, but she decided sleeping on the couch would be a better contribution to the Clean the House Extravaganza. lazy bum)

See, that’s how exciting my life is these days. At least there is family in town to hang out with tomorrow evening. That’s fun.

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