Fun Pictures

I was going through some pictures and I had to post some. When you have a 2-year old mastiff, it’s easy to forget how little she used to be.


This is Penelope and I napping on the tiny little couch that used to be in the TV room.

Puppy in a sweater

Poor, dignified mastiff puppy. =) (She outgrew that sweater in a matter of days. My husband thought that was too long.)

Two dogs

Here’s one with a Boston Terrier for scale =)

Dog Face

All grown up! Seems like we stopped taking pictures as Penelope got bigger… oops…

Penelope and Zelda

Here’s Penelope with Zelda (our friend’s puppy who stayed with us this summer)

For those of you who have never met Penelope, she will be 2 years old on October 15th and she currently weighs 118 pounds. She is full-grown and shouldn’t fill out much more, though if she had anything to say about that… =) Currently she is bulking up on apples foraged from our backyard. I didn’t even know we had an apple tree behind the pine trees until last fall when she suddenly started spending lots and lots of time hanging out back there. One day when I yelled at her to come in she was a little slow to respond and when she finally made it inside, she had a slimy, apple-y present for me in her mouth! (I guess it’s better than rodents and birds!)

that’s all for tonight…

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