What a weekend! Nathan and I spent some time with his godparents on Saturday (thanks, Brian and Meaghan, for a fun afternoon and evening and for a comfy bed to crash in!) and then today we cheered on some friends who were running in a marathon. Crazy friends. I’m so proud of my crazy friends!

The weather was gorgeous, and it was fun to spend some time in the prettiest places in my former home Cities. Sadly, I missed seeing them at the eight mile mark and then because I was on the wrong side of the route, I had a panicky super-round-about and somewhat tearful drive to the 18.5ish mile mark. I didn’t miss them that time, though. Oddly, my faith in people was slightly restored today (not what I expected to happen while watching a marathon). There were so many people lining the streets and overpasses, cheering for friends, family members and cheering just as loudly for strangers. Community bands were there, playing peppy tunes. One couple at mile 24 asked who I was waiting to see so that they could use personalize their cheers as my friends ran by. One of my friends who ran today said this is her favorite day of the year, not just because the course is so beautiful but because the fans are so amazing. She makes me want to be a runner when she talks about how fun this marathon is to run. Then I see someone limping away with ice packs tied to knees or thighs and I remember that I am never going to be as cool as she is. I will never be the athlete she is.

I’m exhausted just from driving around the marathon route, hauling a two year old in a stroller and cheering for the real athletes.

I’m so proud of you, friends. So proud and so in awe. Way to go!

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