Photo Update

Mom’s begging for some new pictures on the blog, so here goes…

Here are a couple from early this summer of Nathan wearing an outfit made for him by his godfather’s mother (grandgodmother?). Whatever we call her, she did an amazing job on this outfit. Every little detail is perfect and he is so cute in it.



This is Nathan with the Eichenlaub boys on a fun spring outing. Aren’t they sweet?

In June we spent a day at Mike’s grandparents’ house on the lake. Nathan is not so sure about the boat (he seems to be ok with being on the boat, but he is a little freaked out by the way the floor vibrates when it starts moving), but he certainly did warm up to being in the water and was incredibly mad when I wore out and we had to leave the lake.


At some point this spring we had three dogs staying with us. Nathan adores Sonoma and Zelda, and his favorite parts of everyday are feeding times. He insists on helping and recently he is even more of a help than an obstacle. The dogs love that he knows how to open food containers.

Speaking of food, we have a new way of entertaining a two year old just before dinner. Pull a chair up to the counter and let him “help Daddy cook”. Mom loves this time of day and Mike seems to not mind too much that he has a new “helper”.

In other news, I’m pretty sure I felt the baby moving today. I’ve been waiting for this for a while; it was one of the most fun things about being pregnant last time. After dinner tonight I was sitting on the floor whining that my belly hurt and Nathan came wandering over. He looked at me, looked at my belly and said “Mommy belly? Jump? Jump Mommy belly?”. Then he launched all 20something pounds right onto me. Luckily I wasn’t laughing so hard that I couldn’t catch him in time. Two year olds are so helpful and loving.

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  1. Mom says:

    Thank you for the pictures. He is so cute. Can’t wait for our visit next month.

    Love, Grandma Hannum

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