Another new adventure

The new job is going great. I never imagined when I started school a little over a year ago that I would end up working pretty much across the hall from my old job with pretty much the same “feel” as the old job. I somehow managed to end up in a fun, flexible environment, doing interesting work with interesting people. I definitely did not expect to be as happy as I am. Disgustingly happy, really. =)

The newest adventure, though, is not really a surprise to anyone who has seen me in the last few weeks. I am pregnant! Baby #2 should be arriving somewhere around the last week of February (which means that I am 15 weeks along), but don’t mark your calendars yet. Nathan, you may recall, waited until more than a week past his due date to make an appearance, so I have zero expectations of timeliness for this one. Also, this one is trying to kill me. Pregnancy the first time was disgustingly easy. This time I have had it all — weird cravings and strange food aversion (couldn’t even think about meat or coffee for a while there), all day sickness, super sensitive nose, crazy moodiness (I was ANGRY all last week for no apparent reason), heartburn (already), and complete exhaustion.

Thankfully, right around the end of the first trimester, the all day sickness subsided. Now I’m just getting giant really fast. My abdominal “muscles” laughed, said, “oh, we remember how this goes” and then went on vacation. I’m weeks ahead of last time in the fatness portion of this adventure. The ridiculous part is that I am pretty sure that I have gained less weight so far, but I already look way more pregnant.

And, now it’s bedtime. I will have to post a completely Nathan-centric post another day. There is so much to say about him. Here’s a sneak peak — he is definitely two, and though Mike finds it endlessly funny, I have been having a harder time with the whining and the testing and the tantrums. Tonight, though, he was a snuggly, chatty, obedient angel, so I was reassured that my baby is still there, somewhere under the Terrible Two. And… he earned a Potty Penny at daycare today! More progress towards Diaper Independence!

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2 Responses to Another new adventure

  1. Julie says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That’s fabulous news.

    And, you know, not for nuthin’, but I got huge the second time, too. Make them check for a second heartbeat.

    I’m kidding. Mostly.

    Seriously, congratulations!

  2. Kim says:

    I was actually really worried about that when I was feeling so sick. I figured that it would take at least two little monsters in there to make me feel that crappy. We’ve had three ultrasounds so far and everyone insists that there is only one baby in there. I keep making them double check, though.

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