A few little things…

There are a few things that have been bothering me lately.
First, the word is “moot“, not “mute”. Not even close. (Also, check the link there, since I’m fairly certain that none of you who have been saying “mute” even really meant “moot”.)
Second, getting a good deal on something rarely involves anything other than currency, so I’m guessing that you didn’t truly barter. Pretty sure you bargained.
Finally (and perhaps most controversially), yes, it is tax season. Yes, you do have to give some of your money to the government. Being a grown up is hard. Get over it. Personally, I enjoy driving on nice roads, knowing that the police and fire departments are only a phone call away, having a pretty darn good school system, and all the other useful things that are provided by those tax dollars. It sure does suck to have to pay for things, but frankly, I think that paying for things is far, far better than not having them. (It is possible that I spent some time recently listening to a group of adults whine about having to pay SO much money to the government when they aren’t getting anything in return. It is also possible that I knew I wouldn’t convince any of them that they were being childish and whiny and somewhat ignorant, so I decided to post here instead.)
In other news, there hasn’t been any snow since February, and I am almost ready to declare out loud that spring is here. Almost. You know that as soon as I say it out loud, there will be one last snowstorm, and no one wants that. Also, only 6 weeks until graduation! The end is near!

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  1. Julie says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I liked you before, but now I realize I’m in love.

    That’s all.

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