Getting there

I usually feel pretty guilty when I neglect the blog for such a long time. Currently, it is making me happy to see how much time has passed since my last post because it means that the end of classes is that much closer. School is going pretty well, but it’s just so much busier than I thought it would be. So much more work than I ever expected. And my brain is so much slower than it was when I was last in school. After Thanksgiving I should be done with my part-time job, and I am really looking forward to having those hours back even if it does mean less income for a while. And then at the end of January we’ll be finished with classes and starting our rotations, so it will be regular working hours again with only a bit of studying to make sure that I am ready for the board certification test after completing the program. So really, before I know it all of this will be over and I can get back to my computer games and my TV shows. and maybe some yard work and housework and more time with family and friends, of course. =)

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