Germ Factory

Two weeks ago a plague descending upon the Harris Household. Nathan brought home some conjunctivitis. Mike was spared, but I got it. Both eyes. No school (or work) for one week. That is a lot of school and work to make up the next week when your eyes are still hurting. The conjunctivitis saga was not so much of a saga for Nathan. He looked not so great on Sunday, terrible on Monday, much better on Tuesday and pretty much normal by Wednesday. On the other hand, I discovered that eye drops make my tongue swell up and that eye ointments cause eye irritation and by Friday had talked to 10bazillion nurses and 3 different doctors in 2 different departments (the nurse count is the only one exaggerated in that list) in order to finally determine that it was viral conjunctivitis made worse by all of the preservatives in the things the other doctors/nurses told me to put in my eyes. whee! I took a picture of what I looked like one of the nights while I was trying to study and keep up with school work, but it is too horrifying to post publicly. Also that Friday, I developed a fabulous sinus/head cold to go with my icky eyes. It was a great week.
Last week was much better for me, but Nathan got kicked out of daycare on Thursday for having a fever. It was a rough couple of days for him. I don’t really think he was sick, though, because tonight I discovered some fabulous new teeth just under the gums that are REALLY MAKING HIM MAD. VERY MAD. The kind of mad that only goes away with a pacifier and an early bedtime. Even bath time didn’t make him happy.
I am hoping that our germ factory is entering a slow time, because I can’t afford any more days out of class. Conveniently, fall arrived this afternoon to our little corner of the world (no, seriously, suddenly this afternoon someone flipped a switch, the wind started blowing like crazy, and the air feels like fall), so I’m sure there aren’t going to be any germs or seasonal illnesses going around at all now.
(I know this was horribly un-entertaining. It was more of an update, I’m still alive, here’s why I only post once, maybe twice a month theses days, kind of post. One day, when I have more energy, maybe I’ll tell you something fun again.)

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2 Responses to Germ Factory

  1. Julie says:

    Gah. Feel better soon!

  2. MOM says:

    Wish you lived closer so I could have been some help. I hope this week is much better.

    Love, MOM

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