Instead, a birthday story

I’m tired of talking about how tired I am of studying and how much I can’t wait for January and our clinical rotations to get here. Also, tomorrow is my birthday, so I’m not going to talk about my baby on MY BLOG. It’s been all about him for a while now. My turn. =)

On Friday a friend and I went to a giant mall nearish to our little town with a couple of very important missions — forget about work/school and get some new clothes. I really didn’t think that we would be as successful as we were. I have a new favorite store. Two pairs of jeans! The first two pairs I tried on! That alone makes it an amazing and heavenly place, but add to that the fact that everything was on sale and everything that was on sale was an extra bit on sale. I bought lots of pretty things, but this is my favorite find. We actually found this when we stopped back in the store on our way to the car. Someone had returned to the store the perfect size of a skirt they only sell online. It was a birthday wish come true!

I wonder when my other birthday wish will come true?

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