Syllabus Day = PANIC!!!

They handed out our To Do lists and giant books today. It was only for three courses and two of the three will be completely over in 11 days, but I am already in a tizzy. I knew it was coming; there was no doubt about it. I could have told you 6 months ago when I was accepted to the program that the most stressful days for me would be the days that include a new syllabus and a list of things we will need to complete before the class is over. It was bad with semester-long college courses, I figured it would be even worse with this intense, condensed schedule we have.

Sadly, being aware of my neuroses didn’t help today. Within minutes of receiving the first syllabus I started mentally crossing off things that I won’t have time for anymore — that part-time job, those books I’ve been meaning to read “for fun”, that computer game that I have been trying to get back to playing (Maryndra still isn’t 80; can you believe it??), that silly website that has my name on it, those TV shows that are piling up on the DVR even though it is summer re-run season, and especially those two boys with whom I share a house and a last name. I’m just going to have to take my laptop and my books and lock myself in a closet somewhere until January. There’s really no way around it.

Clearly, I have taken a few deep breaths since then, and crossed a couple of the easy To Do’s off the list and I’m now feeling a little more capable of handling everything. A little. Let’s talk again on the 27th once I have two classes crossed off the list. In the meantime, I would like to point out that the more times you say the words “phlebotomy” or “phlebotomist” in the course of an hour, the funnier those words will become. Even funnier than “ubiqitination”, I think.

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  1. Carey says:

    Well, when you’re able to take yourself out of the closet for a little while and need a study break, call me and Carol for a glass of wine and “adult” time since you’re obviously one of those (at least you’re old enough to drink!)

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