A Day of Firsts

I won’t make any sort of claims about this being a funny or even very grammatically correct post, cause I am sick and want to get back to my couch. But here goes the recap of my Saturday of Firsts…

Saturday was the first time I have “hung out” with my mother-in-law all by myself for most of the day. We had a good time and it was nice to have company with me at the obedience competition that wasn’t going stir-crazy sitting and waiting.

It was also the first obedience competition that Penelope and I have competed in where we didn’t have to compete against the Labs, Golden Retrievers, and Border Collies who make us look even slower and dopey-er than we really are (ok, so it was only our second show, but this is a post about firsts, not seconds!). We competed in the Rally Trial held by the Northstar Working Group Assn. Why are we in the Working Group? Who knows? Guess they haven’t met Penelope. =) (more importantly, why are there so many Portuguese Water Dogs in the upper Midwest? This show was all about the Huskies and the PWDs, two breeds not regularly represented at the obedience trials. Oh, and every single Husky felt the need to howl at its owner everytime it accomplished any task in the ring. Hilarious!)

The best first of the day… (drumroll, please) Penelope’s first First Place finish! =)


And her first First Place prize (it’s a squeeky plush star and she loves it). The green ribbon means that we got a qualifying score — one more of those and she gets her Rally Novice title and she’ll officially be… Penelope Jane, RN =) (I’m going to get her a job then and she can support me while I stay home and eat bon-bons) Our score was the same as last show – 93 out of 100. I lost 7 points for having a tight leash 7 times (the same as last time). But, for another first…

It was the first time my leash has been too tight because Penelope was rushing ahead of me and full of energy! Apparently waiting around to compete with all sorts of dogs wandering past that she isn’t allowed to play with, makes her REALLY excitable. I was working with our last experience, where she lagged behind me most of the time and I had to be really excited to keep her moving forward. This time she took me completely by surprise and kept running ahead, bouncing around like a little puppy. I kept laughing at her, which was probably the wrong response, but after watching our competition it was even funnier. Our only competition (yup, there were two whole dogs in the class — talk about high-stress competition) was a Great Dane who had to be repeatedly begged to perform pretty much anything beyond walking (at one point the owner was literally kneeling on the ground trying to get the Dane to lay down). It was funny to me, but I was happy that Penelope was having an opposite sort of problem. The Dane’s owner didn’t seem to mind too much, so I guess we all had a good day.

There were several other mastiffs at the competition, also a first for me to see, so that was pretty exciting.

And for the final first of Saturday — Penelope was so tired from her day that for the first (and probably last) time ever, she slept through dinner, waking up at around 7:30, looking confused that it was dark out. I had been sitting very still on the couch for 2 1/2 hours trying not to wake her up to see what would happen when her little internal clock got WAY past acceptable dinner hour, something she is never shy about pointing out. Saturday was a fun day in spite of my overwhelming boogery-ness.


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