Happy Birthday, Baby Face!



We had quite a weekend celebrating your first year, kiddo. Piles of friends and lots of family, two cakes, your first “swim” in the kiddie pool… The only thing missing were those fireworks that none of us could stay awake to watch. It was fun to watch you at your party and see how social you are and how quickly you warm up to anyone who wants to play with you and smile at you. And really, who could resist smiling at you?


You charm everyone that sees you; you’ve even made a friend at the grocery store during your weekly trips with your dad. You are pretty sure that you should always get what you want, and oh my there is a terribly sad face when the world does not comply. But generally, you are an amazingly happy kid who is fascinated by everything. You don’t miss a thing and it is fun to watch your little mind work out what is going on around you. You are afraid of falling, so progress towards walking has been slow, but you are pretty trustworthy around the fireplace and the step down to the family room now that you know how to turn around and go backwards.

Other than “stop” and “don’t”, which thankfully I haven’t heard out of your mouth in a few weeks, you don’t have any terribly clear words. You say something that sounds a bit like “dog” when you see Penelope, you babble “dada” and “mama”, but I’m not sure you know who those words go with, and every once in a while, we hear a word out of your mouth that is so clear we can’t believe it was you. And then you never say it again. Judy taught you “nose”, but she’s only heard you say it a couple of times, and you refuse to show us where your nose is, preferring instead to wrinkle up your nose and snort at us. Which is definitely cuter, actually.

You are a most adorable baby and I can’t believe you’ve been here for 12 months. It has been an amazing year.


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2 Responses to Happy Birthday, Baby Face!

  1. Julie says:

    Sweetest baby ever!!!!

  2. Marilyn Walsh says:

    Nathan is SUCH a CUTIE!!! Happy Birthday! Loved the pictures! Mike and Kim, you are so blessed AND so clever with this site! 🙂

    Have an awesome year of discovery!

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